The Early Hours Presents: Dorian Lynde

Our first interview for February - and I apologize for the delay - comes from the California based Canadian artist Dorian Lynde. She's an active multi-disciplinary artist with a handful of exhibits and shows coming up this year, in a range of styles and talents. Some of my favorite things I've seen from her are her photography and sculptural series, such as the Peace by Piece, or Broken Meditation work she did with broken ceramic. Her recent series titled No Damsel is an awesome glimpse into her persona - with site specific work in public spaces, portraying popular Disney princesses in their potential real world environments. Take a look at her work here, and enjoy the quick interview below... 

1. Time is the most valuable resource. Do you agree or disagree, and why? 

Humans have a problem with the perception of time that prevents them from being consciously present or appreciating just how valuable it is. There's a temporal illusion that makes people think their time is endless - it's not, and every second should be used mindfully. 

2. How DO you spend your time?

Mostly working - painting, drawing, sketching.. I spend a lot of time traveling, and a lot of time reading.  

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3. Ideally, how WOULD you spend your time, if money were not an issue? 

I never let money dictate how I spend my time - I'd rather have nothing and freedom than be owned by something. 

4. How do you plan to get from where you are, to where you want to be? 

Everything I do is a step towards my bigger goals. Work hard and strategically and you'll ascend. 

5. What is the one biggest time wasting habit or thing you endure in your life? Could you reduce the impact of this if you wanted to spend the time doing something productive instead?

Like everyone, I'm phone addicted. It's a blessing and a curse having limitless information at your fingertips - I get lost in rabbit holes all day learning the most useless information. 

6. What one thing do you indulge in that takes significant amounts of time that others might see as a waste, but you see as a blessing or integral part of your life?  

Cooking! I can get lost for hours and it's one of my favorite ways to procrastinate. 

New new coming soon. Have a great week everyone, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Never Hesitate, Never Surrender