The Early Hours x Sydney Brienne

Our customer and supporter Sydney Brienne is a photographer based out of the Bay Area and Madison, Wisconsin. She has shot some of our hats and other products in the past and just sent me an awesome collection with some of our classics - the Red Cup Outdoors Cap, Pineapple Outdoors Cap, Ice Cream City Cap and Black and Blue Candle City Cap. We're sold out of some of these now but we have a new batch of Outdoors Caps coming in mid April. Check out more from Sydney on instagram at @sydneybrienne - thanks for the killer work Sydney!

Embracing the Hustle

Life is not easy for anyone, and money doesn’t make you happy. So what do we do to wake up every day and keep things interesting? We create. We push our hobbies and passions to the limits. We break those limits and propose new ones. Then we break through those and keep evolving. We inspire others through our labor of love, and motivate those working alongside us so we don’t lose hope.  There is no end in sight, but it’s better by far than wasting time, struggling through the worst of life without enjoying the little things. Embrace the hustle, the labor. Find what you love, and let it kill you - not the bills, traffic, or opinions...


Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

Photos by @sydneybrienne @guapular and anonymous featuring @wavedbabe

Submitted Customer Photos

It's only been about a month since our Outdoors Caps came in and we are close to selling out - we have some new colors on the way, as well as a new style called The City Cap that should be out next month. Until then, we still have limited stock in 10 styles and color-ways at HERE at 

Here's some recent customer submissions from @EarlyHours.Co instagram - email us at or send us a DM to be featured...thank you so much for the support, we can't wait to see more!