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Just found the brand and want to know more? The best way to catch up on what we're doing and to see what The Early Hours is all about is to check out our Instagram feeds - I have a personal one @earlyhoursclif where I share behind the scenes info, new developments, and a little bit of where my head is at and what I'm currently reading/listening to or thinking about. Our brand page is almost exclusively customer submitted photos, people who really bought our product and took pictures on their own initiative to share. Some are from photographers, or myself, but mostly customer photos who you could hit up and ask about our product or brand if you have any questions too. 

Check 'em out and hit us up with any questions at all - either via email @ or DM or comment on either page. Hope you guys like what we're doing...cause we're not stopping now.


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Trove Market Place x Early Hours Rug Giveaway

We were recently covered by Marché Mag (, the journal of Trove Market (!

Trove is a new digital platform that is somewhere between Craigslist and Chairish. Lightly curated (home furnishings and decor), and they have a beautiful mobile app where you can browse your local listings; it’s great. 

This Wednesday, to celebrate and thank our customers and fans, we’re going to host an amazing giveaway on Instagram, partnered with Trove Market! 

We've donated this 36”x48” pineapple rug (WORTH $225!) that will be awarded to a randomly selected person who Likes the photo (will be posted @Trove_Market Wednesday morning), and has followed both of our Instagram accounts ( @trove_market)!

Keep an eye out on Wednesday morning to join the contest over @trove_market, and be sure to follow both of our accounts now to get a jump on it! 

The Early Hours 2016

Happy New Years everyone...hope you didn't go too crazy and kicked it off on a good note! We're happy to announce our first drop of the year - a new batch of crewneck and hooded sweatshirts for our Winter 2016 collection. You can find them all on the bottom of the homepage while they're fresh, or just click here. We also restocked our Candle and Bolt Cutter (Red) Pins today, which were sold out over the Holiday. 

We have some cool new products, and new styles for our existing product range planned for 2016. We can't wait to share more with you but can't for now - so you'll have to check back soon. We have some more surprises planned for January and February, and then our Spring collections will start to drop mid-late March. Let you know more soon - have a great weekend and keep up the good work!


Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

The Early Hours Rugs

We just added some new rugs to the online store over here -- CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW

They're 100% acrylic hand tufted rugs with a nice plush 10mm pile height (how tall they cut them). They range from $175-250 with shipping included in the USA, currently they are unavailable internationally. 

Made to order, you can expect production to take 2-4 weeks after payment. Other items in your order will ship separately beforehand. 

Hope you all enjoy - hit me up on Instagram or twitter @earlyhoursclif with any questions!

Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

The History of The Double Cup (or Putting Purple Drank In Context or Why Our Cups Are Empty)

(Note from Clif – The Early Hours – So, this article is written by Mac Mccann, from Dallas, Texas (currently living in Austin), and my notes after are written to give some context to The Double Cup design we feature on our products.  The first part is written to give some history and context to The Double Cup in culture and society, and then I have added some notes on why we thought about using it in the first place, how it fits into our brand, and why we didn’t include codeine splashes, but rather an empty cup. It’s factual but only as far as we have been able to research/experience, so please read it first and email us at the email at the bottom of the article if you have any corrections or suggestions. Thanks all, enjoy..) 

While drugs and music have seemingly been related since the dawn of culture, few drugs are intertwined with a specific culture in the way that ‘lean’ is connected with hip-hop – especially Texas hip-hop. From DJ Screw and Big Moe to Lil’ Wayne, lean and hip-hop have expanded their influence hand-in-hand.

‘Lean’ is a slang term for a recreational drug that’s typically made with prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine, mixed with soft drinks such as Sprite, Mountain Dew, or Big Red, and sometimes with Jolly Rancher hard candy.  The concoction has a variety of nicknames, such as ‘syrup,’ ‘sizzurp,’ ‘barre,’ ‘purple drank’ (or simply ‘purp’), and ‘Texas Tea.’ As it’s typically consumed in double Styrofoam cups, it’s often alluded to by discussing ‘styrofoam cups’ or ‘double cups’ or simply ‘drank.’ (note from Clif - A double stacked cup not only helps to insulate the drink in the hot Texas summer, but it also is a silent way of announcing what is in your cup. Recognition around Texas spread quickly with songs by S.U.C. members from some of the first Screw tapes that featured local rappers talking about pouring up in double cups.)

Click here to shop our Double Cup Collection

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The Early Hours Candles

Our new candles are in and online in time for our weekend specials. We just whipped up a little visual treat for you to preview them, and then you can head over to the store to check them in out nice high res. Be sure to check out our new instagram, and continue following @earlyhoursclif for behind the scenes and more. 

The Early Hours Candles from The Early Hours Clothing on Vimeo.

Click below to shop and check out the candles in hi-rezzz..


The Early Hours x Smathers and Branson Preview

We just got these new card wallets in, a new project we've been working on with Smathers and Branson...super excited to get these on the store by the end of the week. 

Also, all of the pins and patches are now live on the store - prices include USPS priority shipping. Thanks to all for the support so far - you rule! Got some more pins and patches on the way, but first ... ^^^^^ these wallets deserve your attention.


The Early Hours Pins and Patches

We have some new pins and patches almost ready for sale on our website...they should be up within the week. If you follow us on Instagram @TheEarlyHours you can find some previews of some other awesome new products we have coming in over the next couple weeks, and some new hoodie/crewneck designs coming for winter... hit us up at if you have any questions.

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