soulraps 2.0 / midnight burn

this is dre, streaming live from somewhere, blasting out in high fidelity. here on the soul rap hour, we feature artists that are inspiring us in our creative pursuits. on today's program, we feature Ravi Vora. Ravi's photography commands my full attention. i am drawn immediately to the details of every photograph. instantly, i'm wisked away to another realm of reality, similar to our own, yet so alien. check out Ravi Vora's tumblr, instagram, and website below. 

tumblr / instagram / website

today's sonic feature is called 3.14. these tunes will hold you over for the next week. 

until next time. 
- dre

soulraps 2.0 / featuring the best of audio & visual delight

welcome to the early hours. my name is dre. so back in 2007, clif and i started a blog called soulraps&subwaymaps. on that site, we featured the sounds of infinity. any o.g. in the music game will tell you that soulraps was the shit. but all good things come to an end. until today. 

but soulraps 2.0 will be different because on this feature, we will be scrounging the internet for the best sounds on the planet and will combining them with visuals from artists that inspire us. dont mind if we sprinkle some of our own work in here, because in order to appreciate the art, you gotta practice the art. 

the first sonic feature is one of my most favorite playlists, the "rap basics." i give this out to my friends who are interested in rap but are in need of some staples in the genre. dont sleep on these sounds!

the visuals are my own, shot in october in los angeles with justine. for more of my photography, check out