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After a few weeks off getting ready for SXSW and staying busy, we're back with another interview. This time around we talked to my sister, Catelyn, who runs a business called The Distillery that we started together about 4 years ago. When she's not traveling and scouring markets for jewelry to sell, she spends a tremendous time volunteering.  She became heavily involved in Central Texas greyhound rescue after adopting a few of her own, and subsequently started a program called 1Dog1Hour with our friend Melissa Massello. The program now has ambassadors in multiple states helping to start similar programs nationwide, encouraging animal lovers to spend some time with dogs at their local shelters, to try and calm them and make them more appealing to potential adopters. Catelyn is a brilliant character with one of the most unique personalities I've ever met, and I encourage you to check out her instagram @thedistillerymarket as well as @1dog1hour, and feel free to reach out to her if you want to get involved. Enjoy the interview below!

1. Time is the most valuable resource. Do you agree or disagree, and why? 

I must have heard this on The Tim Ferriss Show: attention is the most valuable resource. I've thought about that a lot since I first heard it, and I have to agree. The incredibly mind blowing thing about time is that we all have the same amount of it. Clearly, it isn't enough just to have it. To be able to utilize it well requires focus, an increasingly scarce resource in our distraction-addicted society. 

2. How DO you spend your time? 

I have perfectionist tendencies and also feel the need to be "productive" at all times, a brutal combination that results in near-constant mental self-flagellation and indecision. Admittedly, concepts like "perfection" and "productivity" are subjective and relative; meaning that the target is constantly moving and there is no North Star to guide me. To say the least, how I spend my time is a constant struggle, especially since starting my own business. Of some help is the science that I've learned about habits from the book "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg and routines and rituals from (again) Tim Ferriss and his podcast guests. In summary, routines are good and healthy and the quicker they become habits, the less you have to think about doing them. This has helped me to develop some regularity to my days. Mornings are spent journaling and reading, mid-morning to around 5pm is spent working, early evenings I work out, and for the rest of the night I eat dinner, spend time with my husband or friends, then read more before bed. I also volunteer quite a bit with animals, and I've started to batch all of those tasks for Tuesdays, rather than randomly throughout the week, to the extent that I can. That's basically how I spend my weekdays, and weekends are variable. 

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tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1134747 2017-02-28T01:18:48Z 2017-02-28T01:40:05Z The Early Hours Presents: Truemarmalade aka Erik Binggeser

The last interview for February comes from someone I've known for a long time, but still haven't met - Truemarmalade aka Erik Binggeser (we need to change that, since we now live in the same city now after meeting online around 12 years ago). I'm not surprised we haven't met, honestly, because we both have similar personalities - you know, the "I'm going to lock myself inside and work for 12 hours straight because I want to" type. We met through an art forum, when I was just starting to get back into creative work as a teen.  

I was following along as Erik was producing these insane stencils - huge, bed-sheet sized half tone photographic stencils comprised of thousands and thousands of tiny squares or shapes. He would grind them out at an incredible pace with a method most would never try - he would cut one stencil, spray it onto paper, look for any problem areas, and cut it again - all over again. If you've ever worked on detailed, multi layer or super intricate stencils, this is enough to make your hand start cramping and your eyes blurry. 

I recently reconnected with Erik, who's still making quality work but has also become incredibly involved in the ATX cycling scene. He documents events on his instagram @truemarmalade, as well as some epic rides through incredibly hilly terrain. Check out his graphic design work here, and enjoy the following...

1. Time is the most valuable resource. Do you agree or disagree, and why? 

I've been thinking about this more and more lately due to a long distance relationship ending because of the lack of bandwidth we had for each other. Time really is the one resource that every issue can be reduced down to. We might be wanting time to slow down so that there is longer to spend working on something that you care about. Alternatively someone could be praying that everything moves as fast as possible so that you can recover from a broken heart. 

2. How DO you spend your time? 

Lately it feels as though I've been wasting my time. Caring too much about certain things, caring too less about certain people. I am absolutely in some sort of in-between depressed phase of whatever this early 30's time is supposed to be like. I spend far too much time thinking about things to do rather than doing them, unfortunately.
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]]> tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1133170 2017-02-21T19:19:15Z 2017-02-21T19:19:15Z The Early Hours Presents: Maggie Gentry

This week for The Early Hours Presents, we talked to "marketing consultant" Maggie Gentry from Austin, Texas. Maggie is unique in her approach to marketing, and consulting, by marketing herself not as a consultant, but as a "thought partner". A perfect example of someone who is true to themselves and playing to their strengths, Maggie has been a fantastic thought partner, motivator, and general inspiration since I met her late last year. 

 My sister Catelyn was going to attend a one day marketing intensive (Own Your Why) with Maggie and based on Catelyn's praise, I decided to join. After an epic day at Maggie's house, absolutely wrecked on caffeine, I went home, went through my notes, and wrote down an entirely new business plan for The Early Hours. I started moving forward with it immediately, scheduling production for new product, kicking off this series of interviews, and more - on the very first night. After years of consistent growth with The Early Hours, but an increasing lack of direction, I felt like I remembered what I was doing again (if I ever knew...) and couldn't wait to get after it. 

I've worked with marketing consultants, experts, specialists etc etc at various jobs and heard a million speeches, read a million books on the topic. They all have something to tell you.  When we first sat down to talk, Maggie had a different energy - almost like she DIDN'T have something to tell me. Instead, she started a conversation, centered around why.  Why does the brand exist, why does it matter, why do I care? It didn't immediately make me feel invigorated and confident - in fact, it was humbling and eye-opening. What it made me realize was that I already had all the answers I needed, I just wasn't connecting the dots, or I didn't have faith in my ideas.  

If you're creating something, be it art, music, a small business, anything - you need partners. You can do a lot yourself for a long time, but no one gets anywhere alone.  It doesn't matter how stubborn or narcissistic you are, no one becomes successful completely by themselves. We need these conversations, we need to talk about our ideas and receive honest feedback. We need that extra push to get started and to keep going, something that over time has become a staple of The Early Hours ideology (never hesitate, never surrender). I try to inspire and motivate people through my actions, not my words, and sometimes I forget how important these conversations can be. We're all in this together, even if we're "competitors", and it's a lot more fun to do it together. Start the conversation, no matter how small it feels, or how tough it is to talk about something. Find a thought partner like Maggie, and start opening doors you didn't even know existed. Enough of my rambling - enjoy the interview! 

1. Time is the most valuable resource. Do you agree or disagree, and why?

I absolutely agree. Time is this elusive, yet incredibly powerful force. It’s something we all want more of and spend so much energy trying to determine how we can better manage it. I am currently reading this book called Be Excellent at Anything [https://www.amazon.com/Excellent-Anything-Transforming-Catherine-Paperback/dp/B00IIDGCTY], and it’s fascinating how they explain that we, as humans, are meant to pulse. We’re meant to go between states of exerting energy and moments of rest. We breathe in; and we must breathe out. We exert energy during our waking lives, and then we must sleep. But despite this, more and more of us are living increasingly linear lives.

We drink coffee to jolt us awake in the morning. Maybe we eat lunch - but it’s probably at our desk. Then we end up working late because we’ve grown accustomed to this philosophy that we must be busy, we must work harder, and we always have to be hustling. When we finally make it home, we’re exhausted, so we like drink a glass (or bottle) of wine to help us chill out before finally hitting the sack. Once we finally get to bed - that sleep is disrupted because of our drinking, and then we don’t get sufficient sleep, and the cycle starts all over.

The authors encourage you to take mindful breaks throughout the day, so I’ve been experimenting with how exactly that works for me. My hope is that by better understanding how I function best on a day-to-day basis, I can work on turning each day into an ideal day, with the ultimate goal being that this collection of individual days will turn into a more intentional life.

2. How DO you spend your time?

The majority of my work is done through one-on-one client engagements, so most of my weekdays are spent hopping between a handful of client meetings, and then alone time in between to actually get the work done. Typically I’ll have a social/networking at least once a week to attend after hours. The weekends are always a toss up between work events, family things, and good ol’ downtime, which typically means bingeing the latest Netflix series.

This year I’ve been experimenting more with rituals to see how creating habits around certain times of the day can help me feel like I’m utilizing my time better. As someone who has historically been the Yes Woman, I’ve been working hard to say no and establish more boundaries around my time. For me, this means protecting my morning ritual and not scheduling client meetings before 11am. I am most productive in the morning, and I was finding that I was resentful when I had to break that flow with needing to get ready to go to a client meeting, so now it’s become a rule for me: No client meetings before 11am. And I am so. much. happier.

I’ve also been learning more about the moon phases and how that affects us energetically. The last week before the new moon is a time for reflection, rest and release. In January, I realized the week where I was not feeling like getting any work done, was also the same week of the waning moon in between Last Quarter Moon and New Moon. I didn’t want to produce from that state of desperation, so instead of pushing through it like I normally would have in the past, I let myself rest.

I have the luxury of working for myself, so I’m experimenting with the flexibility I have around deadlines and time, trying to schedule big projects during the waxing moon period. It’s also been interesting to tune inward to see how I’m feeling, or what I’m craving, and then making an active decision of how to spend my time based on that. I’m trying to cut down on procrastination. If I’m not feeling it, then I’ll go for a walk or take a nap instead.

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tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1131064 2017-02-14T00:15:29Z 2017-07-06T10:04:50Z The Early Hours Presents: Tyler Moehlman

The second interview for February is our youngest yet, a friend of my brothers that I met last year. Tyler is studying Engineering at Texas A&M University in College Station, so already a little different than our previous interviews. Tyler's also a little different in that he's one of the most optimistic, honest, and loving people I've ever met, of any age.  Since we met he's been an endless source of inspiration and motivation, always excited to hear what we're doing and to share stories of his travels and the people he's met. Tyler's the type of person who's natural energy draws in everyone around him, and brings out the best in them as well. I've seen him become friends with total strangers and connect people you'd think would never get along. I've made art with him while we discussed process, creativity, individuality and the meaning of life. His fascination with life and his curiosity are endless, which is where I think he finds his immense happiness. One time, after I left a pair of shoes outside to dry, he snuck by our apartment and hid some cash inside one of the shoes. Only after he had snuck away, he texted me to check the shoe, with explicit instructions to only use the cash to help promote/market The Early Hours and what we're doing. If that isn't support, I don't know what is. (P.s., there's no more cash hidden around our apartment - please stay away :) )  I don't know where he's headed or what he's going to do next, but I already can't wait to hear about it.  Without further ado...Tyler Moehlman:

1. Time is the most valuable resource. Do you agree or disagree, and why?

I see time as a currency and each day you’re given the same amount of it to work with.  What you choose to spend your time on will show you what you value. The catch for me is that time doesn’t stop. It doesn’t matter if you’re being productive or lazy, doing what you want or what you have to do, time is perpetual and it doesn’t stop for you. When I realized that I really started to focus what I was spending my time on. 

2. How DO you spend your time?

I try not to waste it. I don’t have curtains in my room so light pours through my windows in the morning and I’m up with the sun. The first twenty minutes I spend reading then another ten I’m outside with a coffee. I have an awesome backyard (shout Planet Inlow and Bryan, Texas), so I get a nice view as I plan out my day. I reflect on things that I want to get done that day and revisit those things at day’s end. I’m honest with myself on what I did that day and what I didn’t. Right now, not everything gets done every day and I found that time doesn’t stop for you when you decide to take a break or when you have something that comes up that you didn’t expect.

Within the last year and a half, I’ve spent my time traveling. I took a study abroad semester a year ago that forever changed the course of my life. I left home with the intention to find out who I really was and what I wanted to become. I basically wanted to shift my entire way of thinking and focus on becoming the best version of myself. Since then, I’ve traveled to 15 countries over the last 17 months. Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve gone by myself. I know some people back home thought it was weird of me to travel alone, but I didn’t care. Out there I learned to crawl, walk, and run around the globe as I peeped the culture of every place I went to with an open mind. I partied in Thailand, had Christmas in Spain, met some homies cut from my same cloth out in Portugal (shoutout the Love Effect), and got to meet family for first time in Honduras. 

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]]> tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1129582 2017-02-08T07:52:58Z 2017-02-08T07:52:58Z The Early Hours Presents: Dorian Lynde

Our first interview for February - and I apologize for the delay - comes from the California based Canadian artist Dorian Lynde. She's an active multi-disciplinary artist with a handful of exhibits and shows coming up this year, in a range of styles and talents. Some of my favorite things I've seen from her are her photography and sculptural series, such as the Peace by Piece, or Broken Meditation work she did with broken ceramic. Her recent series titled No Damsel is an awesome glimpse into her persona - with site specific work in public spaces, portraying popular Disney princesses in their potential real world environments. Take a look at her work here, and enjoy the quick interview below... 

1. Time is the most valuable resource. Do you agree or disagree, and why? 

Humans have a problem with the perception of time that prevents them from being consciously present or appreciating just how valuable it is. There's a temporal illusion that makes people think their time is endless - it's not, and every second should be used mindfully. 

2. How DO you spend your time?

Mostly working - painting, drawing, sketching.. I spend a lot of time traveling, and a lot of time reading.  

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tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1127431 2017-01-31T01:50:34Z 2017-01-31T22:36:01Z The Early Hours Presents: Emma Wasielke

To wrap up January, we're bringing you our fourth interview in the new series! I can't believe this year is already moving so fast, and I'm glad that we've been able to stay on schedule with these.  This week is our first interview with a woman, but it certainly won't be our last. I'm honored to know Emma Wasielke from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where I was in an undergrad program at the same time she was there. Her charcoal, graphite, and marker drawings are some of my favorite illustrations I've encountered, and I'm obsessed with her style and process. She documents her life and those around her in an incredibly compelling way, showing quiet moments with friends and strangers in an effortless fashion.  Seeing her work has taught me a lot, not only about illustration and drawing, but about patience and perspective as well. I'm happy to have had her work on several designs for The Early Hours, which are still some of my favorite designs we've put out.  Emma is a New Yorker born and bred, and is currently living in the city and working toward her Masters degree while working full time.  A special thanks to Emma for taking the time to answer these questions for us! You can find more of her work at her website and on instagram. Now, onto the good stuff...

Photo by Justin Bernard 

1. Time is the most valuable resource. Do you agree or disagree, and why? 

Ugh agree! I have this post-it I wrote on when I was like 18 or 19 that says "the aging process is real" because I think I'd gone into shock about how my childhood and teenage years had pretty much passed by. I'm 29 now and I just wrote the same thing in my sketchbook, like where did my twenties go? I also noticed over the past couple of years that I'm finally old enough to start having actual regrets, like about who I am and what I've become and what I have to show for myself. Most of the feelings I have that border on regret have to do with time, and what I did or didn't do with it. That and insecurity, I think being insecure about myself has caused me to waste a lot of time and also waste my talents at times.

2. How DO you spend your time? 

Lots of ways! For one I work a regular full time job. Outside of that I have been in graduate school for the past 2.5 years. The classes have been at night and on weekends so just physically being at work, in class, and on the subway getting back and forth from both of those takes up the majority of my awake time. Last year I spent a lot of time writing my thesis paper, which was on Riot Grrrl zines from the nineties. I felt like I was going crazy trying to write it in the hours between work, class, completing my regular art and coursework, and sleeping, but it taught me a lot about time management. I don't find school or my job to be too challenging independently of each other, but I have definitely found it personally challenging to make both happen and still maintain my relationships with all the people I care about. For the first year of doing grad school while working I also squeezed in volunteering as a camp counselor at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls and as a clinic escort at a women's health clinic in NYC that gets surrounded heavily by protesters. I think I got too burned out after the first year of trying to go to my job, school, AND volunteer, that sadly I've scaled back my volunteering to pretty much none.
I also have hobbies and interests I like to think of as "time maximizers". For example, I'm really into knitting, so if I want to Netflix binge for a day I at least will have a sweater or some beanies I made to show for it. I have also had a personal language learning initiative going for a while now that I think of as another time maximizer. On Tuesdays I listen to learn Spanish podcasts, Thursdays are French, and on Friday's I listen to Korean lessons. I also usually average reading one to two books a month, sometimes more, and most of my reading happens while riding the subway. I try to draw the people on the subway too, but I think I usually only end up doing it about once a week or once every two weeks. I'd like to step that up. 

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tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1125495 2017-01-24T05:32:55Z 2017-01-25T09:47:17Z The Early Hours Presents: Bboy Luis Prado

I can't believe January is already almost over!  Here we are moving forward with the third interview in our new series, taking a close look at how people are spending their time and why. 

This week we talked to Luis Prado, a dancer/b-boy from southern California. Luis actually was a customer first before we ever talked, but he quickly caught my attention with some fantastic photos featuring our product. We started talking and I started keeping a closer eye on his feed on Instagram - which you can find here. Breakdancing has always fascinated me because of the confidence it requires from the participants. I used to photograph competitions when I was 15-16 in Dallas, around the time I started painting graffiti, and I loved the energy at the events. The good dancers were kings of self promotion, selling their style and brand to the opponent and the crowd.  Luis is no different.  The quality of his breaking and instagram feed drew me in, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a super nice, humble individual on the other side. He's my favorite type of customer - supportive, humble, and hard working. It seems to me that he's going places - so without further ado...

1. Time is the most valuable resource. Do you agree or disagree, and why? 

Time, in my opinion, is one of the few resources that never seem to satisfy my needs. It's a challenge in itself to decide what to do with my time and figuring out how much of my time to dedicate to something. Personally, I think time is the most crucial resource for anyone with a mind set on a goal. I think of time as crumbs falling from a cookie. The more crumbs I allow to fall, the less cookie I get to eat. And the entire goal is to eat (figuratively and literally). 

2. How DO you spend your time? 

I'm a bboy (breakdancer) from San Diego and I represent Knick Knack crew. I've been dancing for 7 years and even then it feels like just yesterday I was watching YouTube tutorials on how to breakdance. A lot of my yearly projects involve planning and executing hip hop events for my local community down here. I also perform when presented with the opportunity and I teach elementary school kids how to dance. When I'm not practicing my craft or planning an event of some sort, I find myself behind a camera and often times in front of it. I think of a camera as my best friend through any creative journey. It provides a lot of unplanned usefulness. You never know when someone will want to have their picture taken, or when I'll come up with a new move to record on video or whenever I will see a great landscape that could easily be my next phone wallpaper. Additionally, I like anything that has to do with graphic design or just design in general. My general pictures folder on my computer is filled with tossed ideas for event logos, personal brand banners and even half fleshed-out, poorly photoshopped memes. 

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tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1124980 2017-01-22T01:18:45Z 2017-01-22T01:19:20Z Listen: The Early Hours Most Played 2016

I've been working on some new mixtapes and playlists to share with y'all, but in the mean time, I thought I would share my Top Songs of 2016 Playlist that Spotify put together for me...

From Rick James to Vince Staples, Talking Heads to Z-Ro, Eek-A-Mouse to Andre Nickatina...it's definitely not for everyone, but I bet a lot of you will enjoy this. 

Let me know what you think in the comments - anyone I should be listening to that you didn't hear? I'm always open to new music...hit me with it and I'll try to do a better job of sharing what I'm listening to this year as the year unfolds. 


Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

]]> tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1123632 2017-01-16T19:27:02Z 2017-01-16T19:27:02Z The Early Hours Presents: Phil America

     Welcome back to the second interview in the new series from The Early Hours. This time around we spoke to Phil America, a working artist, writer, and activist from California. Phil's built an impressive body of work, touching on topics of class, race, and gender in the modern world. He has lived, worked, and exhibited in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Africa, with new work bringing him back home to Sacramento, where he's tying all 28 museums in the city together through temporary sculptures. Phil has given 3 TED talks, started numerous organizations to help the impoverished here and abroad, and has collaborated with the United Nations, International Labor Organization, World Vision, and much more. 

Needless to say, Phil is doing things and we are always looking forward to what he is doing next. Phil reached out to me several years ago simply asking about the brand, and after losing touch for a moment, I received another email from him out of the blue. He had just gotten out of a..."forced vacation" in Thailand, and was eager to get into some new work. I had been working on our disposable camera project, having a little trouble matching people up for the first edition. Phil put me in touch with some of his associates, and the first edition of The Early Hours Photo Project was born, featuring himself and Parisian tattoo legend Cokney. It's always refreshing to talk to him, and I hope you enjoy this short interview with him below... then check out more of his work at www.PhilAmerica.com

1. Time is the most valuable resource. Do you agree or disagree, and why?

I think thats a tough question. Time is relative to whomever is observing it and through what lens so I would say it really depends on who you're talking to and how they define time. I think time is valuable but for me it is not the most valuable resource. I’d say it’s motivation or ‘heart’.

2. How DO you spend your time?


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]]> tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1122172 2017-01-10T22:52:22Z 2017-01-10T22:52:23Z The Early Hours Presents: Guapular

    The Early Hours started as a creative project to kill time, and has evolved into a lifestyle brand that supports and represents creatives, hustlers, and those who follow their passions, no matter what the cost. This often means sacrifice, short or long term, to reach goals and incite change. It takes a special type of person to break away from a "normal" life to follow their dreams, but eventually this lifestyle becomes normal for them.  

    Instead of asking people what they do for a living, I like to ask them how they spend their time. It's easy to throw around a job title. It's not as easy to be honest with yourself if you're not using the brief time you have on earth to the fullest. I'm hoping to learn and gain some insight from these interviews that I can apply to my own life, maximizing the time I have. 

    This first interview is with Guapular from the Bay Area. He's an incredibly talented young photographer with a lot ahead of him - we met through Instagram several years ago, he's done some work for us but his lifestyle/street/outdoor photography is a constant inspiration to me. I credit him with reminding me to pick up my camera every day. Check out his work here or on instagram. Enjoy..

1. Time is the most valuable resource. Do you agree or disagree, and why? 

I do agree. Time for me is everything. I feel like I myself have wasted a lot of time in the past. I'm a huge procrastinator. I'll put something important off, or make a mental note to do it later... Then other stuff will pop up and I'll end up not getting it done. Everyday for me is a battle against my procrastination and making the best of my time. I still may manage my time a little bit better than the average person, but I'm not the average person, and I do not know how the average person manages their time. So in my own eyes I suck at it, but I'm getting better. 

2. How DO you spend your time? 

I spend a lot of time listening to music, smoking a lot, and trying to go out and take as many photos as I can. I don't have a job. All of my money comes from what I can create for myself that day. So everyday that I wake up I set a goal for myself, and try to reach it. Some days I'm lazier than others. Some days I'll wake up and go crazy. I'll get a bunch of shit done in one day, other days I'll play xbox for 5 hours and smoke a bunch of weed and not do shit. All on how I feel. But even on those days, I still try to be productive even if it's minimal. I like to travel as much as I can, see different places, meet different people, try different foods. I get a lot of my inspiration from the trips I take, and the things that I see. 

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]]> tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1111485 2016-11-28T19:32:40Z 2016-11-28T19:32:40Z The Early Hours in On Hold by The XX

Thanks to one of our customers for pointing this out to me today...The XX just dropped a new video for their song On Hold and one of our stickers makes a prominent appearance in the intro. I put that sticker up in Marfa, Texas around 3 years ago...good to see it again :)

Check out the video below...

]]> tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1089119 2016-09-12T02:46:16Z 2016-09-12T02:46:16Z End of Summer - New Flasks and more

Hey all - just a quick update - summer was hectic with Loren and I getting married in July, but we're back in full swing and ready to close out the year strong! We got a few new products in, including some nice needlepoint, leather, and stainless steel Flasks that you can check out here for only $65 each - - - all of our flask designs have matching wallets too ($50 each) that you can purchase as a bundle for $100, saving $15, with free shipping. Hope you guys enjoy - more updates coming soon on where we're headed!

Hope you all are doing well - follow us on instagram @earlyhoursclif and @earlyhours.co for more updates on the daily


tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1063909 2016-06-15T23:51:01Z 2016-06-15T23:51:01Z The Early Hours Recommends...#1

photo from @7dollarburrito

So, I had an idea a while ago to start sharing some of the stuff I find online and in the real world with our customers and supporters. I tried it a little on Instagram but people had to go off Instagram to find the material - not very successful. Recently I've been following a newsletter from Luke Leighfield, a supporter of The Early Hours and highly creative individual. He's doing what I intended, but doing it very well - curating what he's been looking at, listening to, reading, etc into a weekly newsletter. I've found a ton of interesting stories and ideas from him that I probably would not have found otherwise, and I share them with my personal network all the time. Finally, I've decided to stop hoarding all the good stuff for myself, and start a weekly or bi-weekly, or twice weekly...basically a new addition to our regular emails. Without further ado - the first edition of The Early Hours Recommends: meant to inspire, motivate, entertain, and distract. Enjoy...

#1 - Luke Leighfield

I'll start simply, with the person I just recommended in the intro.  Luke has a weekly email that he sends at the end of the week called Ten Things, curating everything he's been reading or ingesting for the past week and sharing his favorite 10. It's a range of topics from music, culture, and art, to food, celebrity, and world politics. I'll be trying hard not to steal too many of his items to share here. 

Subscribe to his newletter, Ten Things, here http://tinyletter.com/lukeleighfield

Find his work here

#2 - Do You Take Yourself Seriously? 

Great article for aspiring creatives, entrepreneurs, or really anyone. A lot of the literature about "being successful" or accomplishing things tend to lean toward vague advice - like "don't give up". But how do you get the courage to get started in the first place, and continue in the face of self-doubt? The article talks about how important self-confidence is in the process, and how to find self-confidence when you have none to begin with.

You can find the article here

#3 - Chef's Table

If you still don't have a Netflix account (or password,) this is one of many reasons to sit down every now and then and just soak up some good ol' fashion television. Netflix has been producing really high quality exclusive content, and Chef's Table is a great example. Each hour long episode focuses on a single world-famous Chef, from all around the world, and explores not only the food they make, but who they are and how they got to where they are. There are some names you might recognize, but some of my favorite stories have been from Chef's I had never heard of before the show. Every one, though, is truly inspiring - they definitely did not get where they are today for lack of passion. 

Check out more info on it here - season 2 just came out, and 3 and 4 are already confirmed. Don't wait!

#4 - Music from the movie - A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

This is a fantastic movie from 2014 that came out of Iran - a horror/drama that truly will creep you out without any cheap tricks. I recommend the movie to everyone who loves horror or foreign film, but I also find myself listening to the soundtrack on a weekly basis, even after seeing the movie several times. I had to share it with you. I don't know exactly where every band or musician is from on the soundtrack, but I BELIEVE it's all Iranian/Persian/Middle Eastern. I should do more research into that, while you try it out. It ranges from Contemporary rock to electronic, from hard rock to darker electronic, and a little bit of classical sound from the region as well. I've found several artists from it that I listen to all the time now. See what you think - it's a cool sound. 

You can find the album here on Spotify - which is a free download!

You can also buy it here on iTunes!

I'll keep it short today with just those four, but I hope you guys enjoy the new content and find something interesting. We're going to try to hit on an artist or individual, an idea or inspiring article, and some entertainment each week. We love to hear back from you - you an always email us at earlyhoursco@gmail.com or hit us up on snapchat: "theearlyhours". You can always find us on Instagram as well @earlyhoursclif and @earlyhours.co

Never Hesitate, Never Surrender
]]> tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1050967 2016-05-14T00:12:15Z 2016-05-14T00:12:15Z Outdoors Cap Restock - Spring/Summer 2016

We just got a huge new restock of our Outdoors Caps in - the first of our Spring/Summer 2016 drops. Over 17 new styles, featuring some of our most popular designs including the Double Cup, Ice Cream, Bolt Cutter, Pineapple, and Candles. 

Check out the rest of the collection here!  or on Instagram @earlyhoursclif and @earlyhours.co

]]> tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1038311 2016-04-21T20:30:26Z 2016-04-21T20:30:33Z Gas Masks and Double Cups

@7dollarburrito and @master.blade from Instagram shot an awesome 35mm series for us recently featuring our Outdoors Caps and City Caps. Hope to do some more with them for our upcoming drops - check out some of our favorites here

]]> tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1027908 2016-04-06T23:12:04Z 2016-04-06T23:12:04Z March Madness...Or How I Lost My Mind This March

I almost lost my mind this March...

...by practicing what I preach. I was burning the candle at both ends almost non-stop the whole entire month of March, and it caught up to me. Bear with me while I reflect on what went wrong..

March is birthday month for me.  It's also Spring Break for some, a transition from Winter to better weather, and a perfect time for friends and family to visit Austin before it hits 100+ everyday during Summer.  On top of these pressures to kick back and enjoy ourselves, I have been developing a few entirely new products for The Early Hours.

Up until March we had been making great progress - rode the momentum of the Holidays through February and had great plans for March.

But something happened.

I sowed my own poison, so to speak. What we were doing had been working, so we pushed forward hard with the same mentality. However, I hadn't taken into account one major factor - we had been focused almost 100% on working in the previous months, and we had plans to try and take some time off this month while maintaining our pace.

I started the month off on a bad mental note. I wanted to have all of my Spring/Summer orders in by the end of February, but I had missed a few of my own deadlines while developing the new products. I tried my best to keep moving forward with preparations, which ate up the first week, but I was already "behind" in my mind.

Click to read the full post...

tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1022382 2016-03-30T21:52:13Z 2016-03-30T21:52:14Z The Early Hours x Sydney Brienne

Our customer and supporter Sydney Brienne is a photographer based out of the Bay Area and Madison, Wisconsin. She has shot some of our hats and other products in the past and just sent me an awesome collection with some of our classics - the Red Cup Outdoors Cap, Pineapple Outdoors Cap, Ice Cream City Cap and Black and Blue Candle City Cap. We're sold out of some of these now but we have a new batch of Outdoors Caps coming in mid April. Check out more from Sydney on instagram at @sydneybrienne - thanks for the killer work Sydney!

]]> tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1005502 2016-03-02T17:17:32Z 2016-03-02T17:32:17Z LifeWorks

Through our products and marketing, The Early Hours tries to lift up and support self-sufficient, creative individuals who are pursuing their passions. The next generation of these individuals won't exist without the right support as well, and we want to offer some help to those who aren't yet set up for success. To start, we are going to donate a portion of our March sales to a local charity that already does just that - LifeWorks Austin. Their mission statement is as follows:

"LifeWorks is a fearless advocate for youth and families seeking their path to self-sufficiency. We are committed to innovative problem solving, shared accountability and a relentless focus on achieving real, sustainable and measurable results for the clients we serve."

We have a personal friend who works with LifeWorks, who brought their awesome mission to our attention. They offer support for youth and young adults in the Austin area who have "endured circumstances that are unimaginable, such as abuse, neglect, abandonment, and violence."  They have a variety of programs to help young homeless, of which there are a staggering amount in Austin, along with single mothers, victims of abuse, and more. 

The Early Hours Clothing is going to offer 10% of our monthly sales for March to LifeWorks to help support their mission. 

Thank you for all of your support of our brand and products this far - Loren and I really can't thank you enough. We have a huge variety of new products out currently from sweatshirts to rugs, and plenty of stock on our staples like the Outdoors and City Caps. Help us help the Austin community and make something awesome happen :) 


Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

]]> tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/1002208 2016-02-27T03:23:22Z 2016-02-27T03:29:44Z New to The Early Hours?

Just found the brand and want to know more? The best way to catch up on what we're doing and to see what The Early Hours is all about is to check out our Instagram feeds - I have a personal one @earlyhoursclif where I share behind the scenes info, new developments, and a little bit of where my head is at and what I'm currently reading/listening to or thinking about. Our brand page @earlyhours.co is almost exclusively customer submitted photos, people who really bought our product and took pictures on their own initiative to share. Some are from photographers, or myself, but mostly customer photos who you could hit up and ask about our product or brand if you have any questions too. 

Check 'em out and hit us up with any questions at all - either via email @ theearlyhoursclothing@gmail.com or DM or comment on either page. Hope you guys like what we're doing...cause we're not stopping now.


Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/991523 2016-02-11T23:57:41Z 2016-02-11T23:57:42Z New Candle Rugs

I added these two nice big new rugs to the store recently and forgot to mention it here - click here to find them on the store now, all rug prices include UPS ground shipping in the US. These are bigger - 48 x 60 inches, and the same great quality of our other rugs - a nice plush 10mm pile height, 100% poly construction with a durable cotton backing.

Hit us up at theearlyhoursclothing@gmail.com or on instagram at @earlyhoursclif with any questions about these, other products, ordering, or anything at all. Look forward to talking to you. 


tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/985421 2016-02-04T03:00:39Z 2016-02-04T03:00:41Z Low Inventory Sale I took some old sweatshirts down off the site, but the remaining sizes are available for a new low low price until they sell out on our Facebook page here!  Checkout will take you to the same checkout page as normal for our site, we just took them off the front end of the store to clean up a little. 

Hit me up with any questions at all, and be sure to check out our new 2016 sweatshirts HERE!

tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/978268 2016-01-26T00:06:33Z 2016-01-26T00:20:33Z Trove Market Place x Early Hours Rug Giveaway

We were recently covered by Marché Mag (http://blog.usetrove.com), the journal of Trove Market (https://www.usetrove.com)!

Trove is a new digital platform that is somewhere between Craigslist and Chairish. Lightly curated (home furnishings and decor), and they have a beautiful mobile app where you can browse your local listings; it’s great. 

This Wednesday, to celebrate and thank our customers and fans, we’re going to host an amazing giveaway on Instagram, partnered with Trove Market! 

We've donated this 36”x48” pineapple rug (WORTH $225!) that will be awarded to a randomly selected person who Likes the photo (will be posted @Trove_Market Wednesday morning), and has followed both of our Instagram accounts (@earlyhours.co @trove_market)!

Keep an eye out on Wednesday morning to join the contest over @trove_market, and be sure to follow both of our accounts now to get a jump on it! 
tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/966319 2016-01-08T00:55:59Z 2016-01-08T00:55:59Z The Early Hours 2016

Happy New Years everyone...hope you didn't go too crazy and kicked it off on a good note! We're happy to announce our first drop of the year - a new batch of crewneck and hooded sweatshirts for our Winter 2016 collection. You can find them all on the bottom of the homepage while they're fresh, or just click here. We also restocked our Candle and Bolt Cutter (Red) Pins today, which were sold out over the Holiday. 

We have some cool new products, and new styles for our existing product range planned for 2016. We can't wait to share more with you but can't for now - so you'll have to check back soon. We have some more surprises planned for January and February, and then our Spring collections will start to drop mid-late March. Let you know more soon - have a great weekend and keep up the good work!


Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/938419 2015-11-24T00:31:27Z 2015-11-24T02:12:26Z The Pieces of The Puzzle

The Puzzle of Life

There's a million different parts of your life that come together to create your reality. What you are doing, what you want to do, how you approach situations, who you surround yourself with on a daily basis. The people in your life, the plans in your life, and maybe most important - the stuff you can't predict or expect. This time of year always feels super hectic for me with everything coming together - deadlines, traveling to see family, personal projects, etc. 

How you react and how you deal with all of this coming together will determine who you become, and what kind of life you live. It's not easy - there are too many things you can't plan for - but, you can keep perspective. You can take those things in stride or let them break you down. You can own them and change your approach or you can let it ruin your day/plans/etc and mope around about it. If you want to move forward toward your goals, whatever they are, you have to remember - it will come together, you will make it work, but you may need to re-assess your approach.

It's been a hectic few weeks over here at The Early Hours preparing for the holiday shopping season. We've been dealing with our website going down unexpectedly, new customer service issues from expansion, and more. But we're moving forward, no matter what. It's been said, "a set back is just a set-up for a come back" - which is true, but it requires flexibility, courage, and persistence to change your plan and keep any momentum you had before in stride. 

My point is this - You might not always have the piece of the puzzle you think you need, and it might just be time to put that piece down and come back to it. Another piece might be ready to be played while you're waiting for your move to make sense. And while you're waiting, someone else is making moves. So if you want to make something happen, don't let any excuse stand in your way - but don't create new problems in the process. Consider your moves like a chess match, and plan ahead, then make your moves, and re-asses your next steps. You got this. 

We have a few holiday specials to announce later this week but in the mean time, check out these Gift Guides I made if you're thinking about getting anything for your friends and family. We tried to break it down into a few different personality types, but alot of our stuff crosses boundaries so you should check em out even if you don't think you'll relate. You guys rule...hope you have a great week this week, and remember...Never Hesitate, Never Surrender


tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/929784 2015-11-08T03:07:11Z 2015-11-08T03:07:11Z Embracing the Hustle

Life is not easy for anyone, and money doesn’t make you happy. So what do we do to wake up every day and keep things interesting? We create. We push our hobbies and passions to the limits. We break those limits and propose new ones. Then we break through those and keep evolving. We inspire others through our labor of love, and motivate those working alongside us so we don’t lose hope.  There is no end in sight, but it’s better by far than wasting time, struggling through the worst of life without enjoying the little things. Embrace the hustle, the labor. Find what you love, and let it kill you - not the bills, traffic, or opinions...



Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

Photos by @sydneybrienne @guapular and anonymous featuring @wavedbabe

tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/920965 2015-10-22T21:41:05Z 2015-10-28T06:32:00Z The Photo Project Volume 2

Volume 2 of The Early Hours Photo project is out now, featuring photos from three people out of Chicago - Zeb, Suhuu, and Billy.

The new book is printed on high quality photo paper in an 8 x 10 inch format. Edition of 50. 

tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/919614 2015-10-20T01:23:40Z 2015-10-20T01:23:40Z The Early Hours Rugs

We just added some new rugs to the online store over here -- CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW

They're 100% acrylic hand tufted rugs with a nice plush 10mm pile height (how tall they cut them). They range from $175-250 with shipping included in the USA, currently they are unavailable internationally. 

Made to order, you can expect production to take 2-4 weeks after payment. Other items in your order will ship separately beforehand. 

Hope you all enjoy - hit me up on Instagram or twitter @earlyhoursclif with any questions!

Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/912432 2015-10-03T15:37:23Z 2015-10-03T15:37:23Z Interview with Clif from The Early Hours - from The Distillery Market

I recently did a little "interview" with my sister over at The Distillery Market - talking about how The Early Hours came to be, what it means, where we're headed, and more.. check out the excerpt below and click to read the whole thing --- 

What does “The Early Hours” mean and what does the brand represent?

The Early Hours is a reminder to me of the late nights I’ve put into things I care about, and the late nights and early mornings I’ve shared with friends exploring ideas, pushing each other, and celebrating.  That’s more personal to me because it’s a congregation of my ideas, but I want other people to get that from the brand too. It represents a moment in time, that some are wistful for and others live for - you have no responsibilities, you are free to choose. Are you just going to sit around or are you going to do something you love?

tag:earlyhours.co,2013:Post/907999 2015-09-22T02:54:09Z 2015-09-22T02:54:15Z Fall Wallet Drop 2015, Tees on Sale

We just got some new wallets in to start off our Fall 2015 drops. I've been working on some new styles and some new colorways of old styles for our Fall drop, and I'm really excited for them - we have new caps, new apparel, and new pins and patches on the way. 

Click the pictures to shop our new wallets now!!

We also put our current tees and some older styles back on the site on sale while we prepare for the new Fall styles. Click the pictures below to go shop now - - - 

Thanks all, hit me up on instagram @earlyhoursclif with any questions at all