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It's only been about a month since our Outdoors Caps came in and we are close to selling out - we have some new colors on the way, as well as a new style called The City Cap that should be out next month. Until then, we still have limited stock in 10 styles and color-ways at HERE at 

Here's some recent customer submissions from @EarlyHours.Co instagram - email us at or send us a DM to be featured...thank you so much for the support, we can't wait to see more!





Small Pleasures

Check out this great interview with our friend Abigail Maguerite on our sister blog

My brother, Clif, met artist Abigail Marguerite at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), the university they both attended as undergraduates. Since those days, Abby, Clif, and I all found our way to the great city of Austin. Abby is currently in the process of publishing her first book, Small Pleasures, through Kickstarter, about “the little things in life that make us happy and give us a small reprieve from the harsher realities of day to day life.” Publishing this book has not been easy, as her life was interrupted a few months ago when she was injured at her job as a waitress. The experience has given a new and deeply personal meaning to this project and its message. We love the simple concept behind this project, and it was fascinating to interview Abby about her inspiration for Small Pleasures, what she’s learned from her injury, and what it’s like to fund a project through Kickstarter! 

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The Early Hours Recommends: Charlie Hebdo

We start off our new series, The Early Hours Recommends, on a somber note tonight with the work of French publication Charlie Hebdo. Gunmen stormed the French publication today and killed at least a dozen employees, including cartoonists, editors, and policeman watching the building. 

The French publication, based in Paris, has long been a proponent of free speech, using satire to critique everything from politics and religion to culture. The attack is believed to be an Islamic extremist response to cartoons Charlie Hebdo published featuring the prophet Muhammed. The magazine has also published cartoons critical of Judaism and Catholicism, but has been the target of attacks and threats from Islamic extremist groups since 2011, when their office was firebombed after announcing that the Prophet Muhammed would be editor-in-chief of the upcoming issue. 

How many cases have there been around the world in the past few years with journalists and artists being targeted, for sharing their views and opinions on what is happening in the world? Influence from art, journalism, and other forms of communication can spread far faster and have much greater effect than trying to induce fear through violence, or other tactics.

A weak regime or force will try to extinguish those ideas before they can spread, and create fear. Fear closes you off and keeps you searching for comfort, the familiar. Art and journalism encourage questions, inspiring curiosity that pulls you away from your comfort zone without even realizing it. 

There are more ways to share information than ever before, and more and more people want to be a part of that. It's so easy though, that we often take it for granted and use it for nothing, hardly communicating with each other but rather, mostly, amusing ourselves. Tonight, be conscious of the power you potentially hold with your phone, your computer. People are in jail and have died for sharing their views on current events.  You have the ability to communicate with more people than ever before - practically anyone. What do you really want to say? 

The Early Hours supports free speech and information sharing and stands behind those who do the same. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those at Charlie Hebdo and their loved ones. 

Holiday fever, moving forward

Hey all - Clif here 

Been a little under the weather for the past week or so, relaxing a little but working on some new stuff. Will be coming back with the updatez soon. Thanks all for your patience :) I luv all you, check back on some of Andre's playlists if you're bored/lonely and don't let the grind eat you alive. Holler at me on insta @earlyhoursclif