New Candle Rugs

I added these two nice big new rugs to the store recently and forgot to mention it here - click here to find them on the store now, all rug prices include UPS ground shipping in the US. These are bigger - 48 x 60 inches, and the same great quality of our other rugs - a nice plush 10mm pile height, 100% poly construction with a durable cotton backing.

Hit us up at or on instagram at @earlyhoursclif with any questions about these, other products, ordering, or anything at all. Look forward to talking to you. 


Trove Market Place x Early Hours Rug Giveaway

We were recently covered by Marché Mag (, the journal of Trove Market (!

Trove is a new digital platform that is somewhere between Craigslist and Chairish. Lightly curated (home furnishings and decor), and they have a beautiful mobile app where you can browse your local listings; it’s great. 

This Wednesday, to celebrate and thank our customers and fans, we’re going to host an amazing giveaway on Instagram, partnered with Trove Market! 

We've donated this 36”x48” pineapple rug (WORTH $225!) that will be awarded to a randomly selected person who Likes the photo (will be posted @Trove_Market Wednesday morning), and has followed both of our Instagram accounts ( @trove_market)!

Keep an eye out on Wednesday morning to join the contest over @trove_market, and be sure to follow both of our accounts now to get a jump on it! 

The Early Hours 2016

Happy New Years everyone...hope you didn't go too crazy and kicked it off on a good note! We're happy to announce our first drop of the year - a new batch of crewneck and hooded sweatshirts for our Winter 2016 collection. You can find them all on the bottom of the homepage while they're fresh, or just click here. We also restocked our Candle and Bolt Cutter (Red) Pins today, which were sold out over the Holiday. 

We have some cool new products, and new styles for our existing product range planned for 2016. We can't wait to share more with you but can't for now - so you'll have to check back soon. We have some more surprises planned for January and February, and then our Spring collections will start to drop mid-late March. Let you know more soon - have a great weekend and keep up the good work!


Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

The Pieces of The Puzzle

The Puzzle of Life

There's a million different parts of your life that come together to create your reality. What you are doing, what you want to do, how you approach situations, who you surround yourself with on a daily basis. The people in your life, the plans in your life, and maybe most important - the stuff you can't predict or expect. This time of year always feels super hectic for me with everything coming together - deadlines, traveling to see family, personal projects, etc. 

How you react and how you deal with all of this coming together will determine who you become, and what kind of life you live. It's not easy - there are too many things you can't plan for - but, you can keep perspective. You can take those things in stride or let them break you down. You can own them and change your approach or you can let it ruin your day/plans/etc and mope around about it. If you want to move forward toward your goals, whatever they are, you have to remember - it will come together, you will make it work, but you may need to re-assess your approach.

It's been a hectic few weeks over here at The Early Hours preparing for the holiday shopping season. We've been dealing with our website going down unexpectedly, new customer service issues from expansion, and more. But we're moving forward, no matter what. It's been said, "a set back is just a set-up for a come back" - which is true, but it requires flexibility, courage, and persistence to change your plan and keep any momentum you had before in stride. 

My point is this - You might not always have the piece of the puzzle you think you need, and it might just be time to put that piece down and come back to it. Another piece might be ready to be played while you're waiting for your move to make sense. And while you're waiting, someone else is making moves. So if you want to make something happen, don't let any excuse stand in your way - but don't create new problems in the process. Consider your moves like a chess match, and plan ahead, then make your moves, and re-asses your next steps. You got this. 

We have a few holiday specials to announce later this week but in the mean time, check out these Gift Guides I made if you're thinking about getting anything for your friends and family. We tried to break it down into a few different personality types, but alot of our stuff crosses boundaries so you should check em out even if you don't think you'll relate. You guys rule...hope you have a great week this week, and remember...Never Hesitate, Never Surrender


Embracing the Hustle

Life is not easy for anyone, and money doesn’t make you happy. So what do we do to wake up every day and keep things interesting? We create. We push our hobbies and passions to the limits. We break those limits and propose new ones. Then we break through those and keep evolving. We inspire others through our labor of love, and motivate those working alongside us so we don’t lose hope.  There is no end in sight, but it’s better by far than wasting time, struggling through the worst of life without enjoying the little things. Embrace the hustle, the labor. Find what you love, and let it kill you - not the bills, traffic, or opinions...


Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

Photos by @sydneybrienne @guapular and anonymous featuring @wavedbabe

The Early Hours Rugs

We just added some new rugs to the online store over here -- CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW

They're 100% acrylic hand tufted rugs with a nice plush 10mm pile height (how tall they cut them). They range from $175-250 with shipping included in the USA, currently they are unavailable internationally. 

Made to order, you can expect production to take 2-4 weeks after payment. Other items in your order will ship separately beforehand. 

Hope you all enjoy - hit me up on Instagram or twitter @earlyhoursclif with any questions!

Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

Interview with Clif from The Early Hours - from The Distillery Market

I recently did a little "interview" with my sister over at The Distillery Market - talking about how The Early Hours came to be, what it means, where we're headed, and more.. check out the excerpt below and click to read the whole thing --- 

What does “The Early Hours” mean and what does the brand represent?

The Early Hours is a reminder to me of the late nights I’ve put into things I care about, and the late nights and early mornings I’ve shared with friends exploring ideas, pushing each other, and celebrating.  That’s more personal to me because it’s a congregation of my ideas, but I want other people to get that from the brand too. It represents a moment in time, that some are wistful for and others live for - you have no responsibilities, you are free to choose. Are you just going to sit around or are you going to do something you love?

Fall Wallet Drop 2015, Tees on Sale

We just got some new wallets in to start off our Fall 2015 drops. I've been working on some new styles and some new colorways of old styles for our Fall drop, and I'm really excited for them - we have new caps, new apparel, and new pins and patches on the way. 

Click the pictures to shop our new wallets now!!

We also put our current tees and some older styles back on the site on sale while we prepare for the new Fall styles. Click the pictures below to go shop now - - - 

Thanks all, hit me up on instagram @earlyhoursclif with any questions at all