The Early Hours Presents: Guapular

    The Early Hours started as a creative project to kill time, and has evolved into a lifestyle brand that supports and represents creatives, hustlers, and those who follow their passions, no matter what the cost. This often means sacrifice, short or long term, to reach goals and incite change. It takes a special type of person to break away from a "normal" life to follow their dreams, but eventually this lifestyle becomes normal for them.  

    Instead of asking people what they do for a living, I like to ask them how they spend their time. It's easy to throw around a job title. It's not as easy to be honest with yourself if you're not using the brief time you have on earth to the fullest. I'm hoping to learn and gain some insight from these interviews that I can apply to my own life, maximizing the time I have. 

    This first interview is with Guapular from the Bay Area. He's an incredibly talented young photographer with a lot ahead of him - we met through Instagram several years ago, he's done some work for us but his lifestyle/street/outdoor photography is a constant inspiration to me. I credit him with reminding me to pick up my camera every day. Check out his work here or on instagram. Enjoy..

1. Time is the most valuable resource. Do you agree or disagree, and why? 

I do agree. Time for me is everything. I feel like I myself have wasted a lot of time in the past. I'm a huge procrastinator. I'll put something important off, or make a mental note to do it later... Then other stuff will pop up and I'll end up not getting it done. Everyday for me is a battle against my procrastination and making the best of my time. I still may manage my time a little bit better than the average person, but I'm not the average person, and I do not know how the average person manages their time. So in my own eyes I suck at it, but I'm getting better. 

2. How DO you spend your time? 

I spend a lot of time listening to music, smoking a lot, and trying to go out and take as many photos as I can. I don't have a job. All of my money comes from what I can create for myself that day. So everyday that I wake up I set a goal for myself, and try to reach it. Some days I'm lazier than others. Some days I'll wake up and go crazy. I'll get a bunch of shit done in one day, other days I'll play xbox for 5 hours and smoke a bunch of weed and not do shit. All on how I feel. But even on those days, I still try to be productive even if it's minimal. I like to travel as much as I can, see different places, meet different people, try different foods. I get a lot of my inspiration from the trips I take, and the things that I see. 

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The Early Hours in On Hold by The XX

Thanks to one of our customers for pointing this out to me today...The XX just dropped a new video for their song On Hold and one of our stickers makes a prominent appearance in the intro. I put that sticker up in Marfa, Texas around 3 years ago...good to see it again :)

Check out the video below...

End of Summer - New Flasks and more

Hey all - just a quick update - summer was hectic with Loren and I getting married in July, but we're back in full swing and ready to close out the year strong! We got a few new products in, including some nice needlepoint, leather, and stainless steel Flasks that you can check out here for only $65 each - - - all of our flask designs have matching wallets too ($50 each) that you can purchase as a bundle for $100, saving $15, with free shipping. Hope you guys enjoy - more updates coming soon on where we're headed!

Hope you all are doing well - follow us on instagram @earlyhoursclif and for more updates on the daily


The Early Hours Recommends...#1

photo from @7dollarburrito

So, I had an idea a while ago to start sharing some of the stuff I find online and in the real world with our customers and supporters. I tried it a little on Instagram but people had to go off Instagram to find the material - not very successful. Recently I've been following a newsletter from Luke Leighfield, a supporter of The Early Hours and highly creative individual. He's doing what I intended, but doing it very well - curating what he's been looking at, listening to, reading, etc into a weekly newsletter. I've found a ton of interesting stories and ideas from him that I probably would not have found otherwise, and I share them with my personal network all the time. Finally, I've decided to stop hoarding all the good stuff for myself, and start a weekly or bi-weekly, or twice weekly...basically a new addition to our regular emails. Without further ado - the first edition of The Early Hours Recommends: meant to inspire, motivate, entertain, and distract. Enjoy...

#1 - Luke Leighfield

I'll start simply, with the person I just recommended in the intro.  Luke has a weekly email that he sends at the end of the week called Ten Things, curating everything he's been reading or ingesting for the past week and sharing his favorite 10. It's a range of topics from music, culture, and art, to food, celebrity, and world politics. I'll be trying hard not to steal too many of his items to share here. 

Subscribe to his newletter, Ten Things, here

Find his work here

#2 - Do You Take Yourself Seriously? 

Great article for aspiring creatives, entrepreneurs, or really anyone. A lot of the literature about "being successful" or accomplishing things tend to lean toward vague advice - like "don't give up". But how do you get the courage to get started in the first place, and continue in the face of self-doubt? The article talks about how important self-confidence is in the process, and how to find self-confidence when you have none to begin with.

You can find the article here

#3 - Chef's Table

If you still don't have a Netflix account (or password,) this is one of many reasons to sit down every now and then and just soak up some good ol' fashion television. Netflix has been producing really high quality exclusive content, and Chef's Table is a great example. Each hour long episode focuses on a single world-famous Chef, from all around the world, and explores not only the food they make, but who they are and how they got to where they are. There are some names you might recognize, but some of my favorite stories have been from Chef's I had never heard of before the show. Every one, though, is truly inspiring - they definitely did not get where they are today for lack of passion. 

Check out more info on it here - season 2 just came out, and 3 and 4 are already confirmed. Don't wait!

#4 - Music from the movie - A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

This is a fantastic movie from 2014 that came out of Iran - a horror/drama that truly will creep you out without any cheap tricks. I recommend the movie to everyone who loves horror or foreign film, but I also find myself listening to the soundtrack on a weekly basis, even after seeing the movie several times. I had to share it with you. I don't know exactly where every band or musician is from on the soundtrack, but I BELIEVE it's all Iranian/Persian/Middle Eastern. I should do more research into that, while you try it out. It ranges from Contemporary rock to electronic, from hard rock to darker electronic, and a little bit of classical sound from the region as well. I've found several artists from it that I listen to all the time now. See what you think - it's a cool sound. 

You can find the album here on Spotify - which is a free download!

You can also buy it here on iTunes!

I'll keep it short today with just those four, but I hope you guys enjoy the new content and find something interesting. We're going to try to hit on an artist or individual, an idea or inspiring article, and some entertainment each week. We love to hear back from you - you an always email us at or hit us up on snapchat: "theearlyhours". You can always find us on Instagram as well @earlyhoursclif and

Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

March Madness...Or How I Lost My Mind This March

I almost lost my mind this March... practicing what I preach. I was burning the candle at both ends almost non-stop the whole entire month of March, and it caught up to me. Bear with me while I reflect on what went wrong..

March is birthday month for me.  It's also Spring Break for some, a transition from Winter to better weather, and a perfect time for friends and family to visit Austin before it hits 100+ everyday during Summer.  On top of these pressures to kick back and enjoy ourselves, I have been developing a few entirely new products for The Early Hours.

Up until March we had been making great progress - rode the momentum of the Holidays through February and had great plans for March.

But something happened.

I sowed my own poison, so to speak. What we were doing had been working, so we pushed forward hard with the same mentality. However, I hadn't taken into account one major factor - we had been focused almost 100% on working in the previous months, and we had plans to try and take some time off this month while maintaining our pace.

I started the month off on a bad mental note. I wanted to have all of my Spring/Summer orders in by the end of February, but I had missed a few of my own deadlines while developing the new products. I tried my best to keep moving forward with preparations, which ate up the first week, but I was already "behind" in my mind.

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The Early Hours x Sydney Brienne

Our customer and supporter Sydney Brienne is a photographer based out of the Bay Area and Madison, Wisconsin. She has shot some of our hats and other products in the past and just sent me an awesome collection with some of our classics - the Red Cup Outdoors Cap, Pineapple Outdoors Cap, Ice Cream City Cap and Black and Blue Candle City Cap. We're sold out of some of these now but we have a new batch of Outdoors Caps coming in mid April. Check out more from Sydney on instagram at @sydneybrienne - thanks for the killer work Sydney!


Through our products and marketing, The Early Hours tries to lift up and support self-sufficient, creative individuals who are pursuing their passions. The next generation of these individuals won't exist without the right support as well, and we want to offer some help to those who aren't yet set up for success. To start, we are going to donate a portion of our March sales to a local charity that already does just that - LifeWorks Austin. Their mission statement is as follows:

"LifeWorks is a fearless advocate for youth and families seeking their path to self-sufficiency. We are committed to innovative problem solving, shared accountability and a relentless focus on achieving real, sustainable and measurable results for the clients we serve."

We have a personal friend who works with LifeWorks, who brought their awesome mission to our attention. They offer support for youth and young adults in the Austin area who have "endured circumstances that are unimaginable, such as abuse, neglect, abandonment, and violence."  They have a variety of programs to help young homeless, of which there are a staggering amount in Austin, along with single mothers, victims of abuse, and more. 

The Early Hours Clothing is going to offer 10% of our monthly sales for March to LifeWorks to help support their mission. 

Thank you for all of your support of our brand and products this far - Loren and I really can't thank you enough. We have a huge variety of new products out currently from sweatshirts to rugs, and plenty of stock on our staples like the Outdoors and City Caps. Help us help the Austin community and make something awesome happen :) 


Never Hesitate, Never Surrender

New to The Early Hours?

Just found the brand and want to know more? The best way to catch up on what we're doing and to see what The Early Hours is all about is to check out our Instagram feeds - I have a personal one @earlyhoursclif where I share behind the scenes info, new developments, and a little bit of where my head is at and what I'm currently reading/listening to or thinking about. Our brand page is almost exclusively customer submitted photos, people who really bought our product and took pictures on their own initiative to share. Some are from photographers, or myself, but mostly customer photos who you could hit up and ask about our product or brand if you have any questions too. 

Check 'em out and hit us up with any questions at all - either via email @ or DM or comment on either page. Hope you guys like what we're doing...cause we're not stopping now.


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